Cross-Posting Context A Frontend Developer in another Team, had merged their PR with the following changes: # serverless.yml + tags: + coolTag: coolValue + coolTag2: coolValue2 - resources: Description: Cool Description Resources: CoolS3Bucket: Type: AWS::S3::Bucket ... CoolS3BucketPolicy: Type: AWS::S3::BucketPolicy ... ... It was a simple PR to add in AWS Tags for helping out with visibility of the resources created through AWS CloudFormation and also for cost exploration purposes.
Cross-Posting Context For fun, I logged into an AWS account that is used for development purposes. Due to it’s purpose, there was a high chance that resources may have been dangling around and not being cleaned up. Exploring in the AWS Costs Explorer, I took a quick look at the different services, and I came across the ECR Service, which was around $16 per day (around $480 per month).
Cross-Posting Context My friend puts the following Error Message on a Slack Channel that our Team monitors and provides assistance in coolLambdaPermission | UPDATE_FAILED | Resource handler returned message: "The provided principal was invalid. Please check the principal and trying again" (Service: Lambda, Status Code: 400 ...) He also provides some details on the Jenkins Job that showed this error message, and wanted to get some help. I was free so I jumped into resolving it.

My First Post

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Introduction This is my first actual post, live on my website. Very cool! Why Cause I have a website now, a place on the interwebs. How I’m intending to use: Hugo - Since I love Golang and find any reason to use Golang Poison Theme - Simple and clean, probably switch up some colors.